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Sara + Jamie = Engaged

July 08, 2013

Had a wonderful time taking Sara & Jamie’s engagement photos the other weekend. Their wedding is fast approaching but the plans are coming together. For more information about our Minneapolis Wedding Photography please contact www.bkphotosite.com or 763-528-1432.

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Same Sex Lesbian Engagement Photo Shoot – Minneapolis Gay/Lesbian Wedding Photographer

July 08, 2013

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Today was a great day for Benjamin Keller Photography. Today was our first SAME SEX couple. Sam & Kaitlin are perfect for each other. At first they were a little shy but after a few frames you could feel the love in the air. For more information on Minneapolis Wedding Photography please contact www.bkphotosite.com


Holly + Mark = Married – Minneapolis Wedding Photography

June 03, 2013

A little chilly then normal for May but the photos turned out great. Mark & Holly make a great couple. We took photos at the Grand Hotel in Minneapolis and the ceremony was at the Atlas Grill Downtown.

Liz + Darrell = Married – Minneapolis Wedding Photography

June 03, 2013

Had a wonderful time photographing Liz + Darrell’s wedding this weekend. The weather held out. The clouds were wonderful which made for a fantastic backdrop at the Stone Ridge Country Club in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Busy Week….

November 05, 2012

Had a photo shoot in Minnepolis earlier last week. Super fun time. But River totally rocked it! Now just editing photos and learning business advice on Creative Live.


Jen + Cody = Married Minnesota Wedding Photo

August 30, 2012

Absolutely perfect day for a wedding. Gorgeous Bride and a Handsome Groom. Wedding and Reception were held at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis


Additional photos were taken at the Minneapolis Art Institute.

Editing Wedding Photos from Minnesota Weddings

August 30, 2012

Long day of editing wedding photos. Part of the job that has to be done can’t wait to see the brides faces when they see them!


Jen + Cody = Married 5/19/12

July 06, 2012

Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! Sunny with a slight breeze. Beautiful bride and a handsome groom. Jen wanted more high end fashion/artistic for her photos. I was happy to oblige.

Justine + David = Married 5/16/12

July 06, 2012

Great wedding. The day was a bit rainy but stopped when we needed it to. A lovely couple to photograph.

Aaron + Diane = Married Minnesota Wedding Photo

May 21, 2012

Fantastic wedding. It was rainy outside but we made the best of it.

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