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Peterson – Brooklyn Park Wedding Photography

October 31, 2016

This is the slideshow from the Peterson Wedding which was held at Edinburgh Golf Course in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Benjamin Keller was the photographer for this wedding. It was a perfect fall Minnesota wedding. The air was crisp, the skies were blue with just the right of amount of clouds which made for perfect wedding photos. The fall colors at this Brooklyn Park wedding venue were spectacular.

Edinburgh Golf Course makes for a perfect place to have your wedding. From delicious food, to stunning landscapes, to top notch service. It should be a choice for your wedding.

Lancer Catering


Benjamin Keller Photography Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Fridley Award

October 31, 2016

awardBenjamin Keller Photography Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Fridley Award

Fridley, October 19, 2016 — Benjamin Keller Photography has been selected for the 2016 Best Businesses of Fridley Award in the Session Photography category by the Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program. This is the second time since 2014 that Benjamin Keller Photography has been selected for this award.

Each year, the Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Fridley area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2016 Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About the Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program

The Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Fridley area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program CONTACT: Best Businesses of Fridley Award Program Email: PublicRelations@BestBusinesses.biz

Mary & Patrick – Minneapolis Family Photography

March 06, 2016

Rahlston Fall Family Session – By Benjamin Keller Photography

I had the pleasure of taking Mary & Patrick fall family photos. The morning was perfectly lit with a gorgeous warm glow from the sun which makes for stunning back lit photos. Being a Minneapolis Family Photographer it’s great when your clients follow your directions for clothing, it really makes the photos stand out when everyone looks perfect.

For all your photography needs please contact Benjamin Keller Photography





USB Memory Direct & Benjamin Keller Photography – Minneapolis Wedding & Portrait Photographer

March 06, 2016

USB Memory Direct create a custom flash drive for Benjamin Keller Photography

As a Minneapolis Wedding & Portrait Photographer, I’m always looking for new products to deliver my clients their final images on. I was contacted a few week ago by a company that had came across my website. They loved the worked and asked if I would like to partner with them and test out their USB Drives from USB Memory Direct. usbmemorydirect.com has a USB drive for everyone. I decided to go with one of their wooden drives. This best suited by brand.

The build quality of these USB drives are phenomenal. The attention to detail is beyond anything I was expecting. They use extra strong magnets to hold the covers on the wood drives that I had ordered. This is something that I have ran into with other companies that use inferior products. Not at USB Memory Direct!!!!!! They have a vast list of products from wood to metal to plastic and every combination in between. They are even capable of creating any size/design you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Customer service at USB Memory Direct is top notch. Their sales team is quick to respond to any questions you may have. Turn around time was also very fast.

Please check out usbmemorydirect.com for all your custom USB drive needs.

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Alicia & Bill | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

September 13, 2015

Alicia & Bill – Engaged | Photos by Benjamin Keller Photography – Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

As a Minneapolis Engagement Photographer I strive to show style and romance in each of my couples. Bill and Alicia were my winners of a Minneapolis Engagement Contest that I had offered last month. They were such a cute couple. This will be each of  their 2nd marriages. Their wedding is set for next October. The passion is hot between these two as you can see by the photos.

Minneapolis Wedding Photography | Pedersen

September 13, 2015
PEDERSEN WEDDING | Taken by Benjamin Keller Photography

I was first contacted by Noelle inquiring about her wedding date. She had read one of my reviews on The Knott. After inviting her to the studio to further discuss her big day. She asked me if I had ever heard of a “Wedding for Two”? Not knowing what she was talking about I was quite intrigued. She explained how she came across this idea of having their day be just about them and I would follow them around and document the day. I thought it was a fabulous idea. They had rented a limo to take us around Minneapolis to different locations that we had scouted out. There were no time frames or restrictions. I was dream way of shooting a wedding.

0001Noelle & Steve Minneapolis Wedding Photography0004Noelle & Steve Minneapolis Wedding Photography















1) Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty details.

We first met during a happy hour.  One of Steve’s b
uddies  Kevin had started work at the same company where I was working.  As it turned out, Kevin also knew a few other people that I worked with.  When I saw Steve, I asked one of the gals who knew Kevin, who that was Kevin was talking to.  She thought his name was “Tom” and offered to introduce me.  She got “Tom” to come over and all I could do was smile at him.  He was talking but I could not tell you one thing he said.  Then seemingly in the middle of his story he just walked away!  I was stunned!  A few months later, he showed up at the same bar with Kevin.  I invited the 2 of them to join our group.
Then I just waited patiently until everyone left and it was just Steve and me.  We’ve been together ever since.

0007Noelle & Steve Minneapolis Wedding Photography 0011Noelle & Steve Minneapolis Wedding Photography















2) When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?, etc.

I’m not sure I really believe in love at first sight, but I know I was really crazy about Steve from the second I saw him.  I think it took about 2 years for him to realize he felt the same.

0012Noelle & Steve Minneapolis Wedding Photography 0028Noelle & Steve Minneapolis Wedding Photography















3) Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, 

how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?)

I offered to take Steve to Ireland for his birthday.  We planned the trip almost a year ahead.  About 6 months before we were leaving, I said it sure would be nice if I got a little something on this trip (i.e. a ring).  We did pick out the ring together so I knew it was coming but Steve really surprised me.  He made a reservation at a nice restaurant in Rathdrum Ireland and arranged for them to play “our song” and then he got on one knee!  People in the restaurant congratulated us all evening

0029Noelle & Steve Minneapolis Wedding Photography

4) Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

I love how easy Steve is to talk to and how easy going he is.  Steve loves how I smile at him even when he is in a bad mood.

0568-Noelle-Steve-Minneapolis Wedding Photography

0551-Noelle-Steve-Minneapolis Wedding Photography 0558-Noelle-Steve-Minneapolis Wedding Photography


































































5) If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does.

I love to make up songs to sing to Steve-typically I pick a famous tune and change the lyrics to match whatever we happen to be doing

Steve always has to tuck in his shirt – even if it is a t-shirt with gym shorts.

0601-Noelle-SteveMinneapolis Wedding Photography

6) Besides getting married – what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

0700-Noelle-Steve-Minneapolis Wedding Photography

7) What’s your favorite trend for weddings right now?

I don’t really know-I don’t think I did anything particularly trendy.  I just did what I wanted to do for the day

0788-Noelle-Steve-Minneapolis Wedding Photography

8) What inspired your décor or theme?

We did a Wedding for Two because we could not agree on logistics (we have quite a few friends from out of town) and budget.

0813-Noelle-Steve-Minneapolis Wedding Photography 0810-Noelle-Steve-Minneapolis Wedding Photography















9) What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

I wish I would’ve known I picked the hottest day of the summer so far to get married!

0714-Noelle-Steve-Minneapolis Wedding Photography


Vendor List:

Photography | Benjamin Keller Photography 

Ceremony Location | Hennipen County Court House – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reception Location | Borough Restaurant  – Minneapolis, Minnesota – http://www.boroughmpls.com

Dress Shop | The  Wedding Shoppe – St. Paul, Minnesota – http://www.weddingshoppeinc.com

Hair & Make-Up Artist | Julie Swenson – Minneapolis, Minnesota – http://www.julieswensonbeauty.com

Hotel | The Grand Hotel – Minneapolis, Minnesota – http://www.grandhotelminneapolis.com/

STRAND – Minneapolis Engagement Photography

September 11, 2015


Minneapolis Engagement Photography by Benjamin Keller Photography.

I had a wonderful time photographing Rachel & Robert. This Minneapolis couple are truly in love. You can tell by their engagement photos. They met at a church function. At first they each played hard to get, but eventually Rachel gave in. As they say the rest is history. While photographing them in Fridley, we decided to do another photo shoot in NE Minneapolis. The choice of their clothing really popped in the Minneapolis setting. The theme was 1950’s.



For all your Minneapolis photography needs, please contact Benjamin Keller Photography.

Castillo | Minneapolis Wedding Photography

August 18, 2015

CASTILLO WEDDING | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

0131castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 0169castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography   

1) Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty details. We met through a mutual friend named Cory. Cory came to say hey to me after school at my high school and told Trent he had to meet me, so Trent rode with. We played frizbee on a hill in front of the shool. The first time I saw Trent I was like DAYUM I thought he was super-hot and had to tell my mom right when I got home. Trent says that he also thought I was super-hot. Lol.

0211castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 0208castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 0318castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography

2) When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?, etc. I think we both sorta knew the day we saw each other for the first time (I know cliché but something about us just really clicked!). otherwise it was at my cabin when he first told me he loved me. I was one of the only ones who remembered what his favorite animal was and when I told him the correct animal he was dumbfounded that I remembered and was like I love you!

0385castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 0428castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography0481castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography

3) Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?) 2 days before he actually proposed I was a brat and was like baby are we getting close to getting engaged?? I don’t wanna wait anymore, (come to find out he had the ring at this point already and was planning to ask me when the time was right) when he did end up asking, 2 days later, he took me on a motorcycle ride and we ended up at the coon rapids dam where we had one of our first dates, right by the river on the shores huge rocks. Once we were sitting on the rocks reminiscing about old times and admiring the view he then got down on one knee in front of me on a rock and said “ I love you with all my heart Brittney will you be my wife, will you marry me?” and of course I was extatic and said YES!!!!! (I didn’t know it was coming but I definitely sensed he was up to something, he just didn’t seem as natural.. like he was thinking about something. must have been preparing lol.)


4) Tell us the one thing you love most about each other. I love that he is so out-going, it keeps me getting out there and doing new things. He loves that I am so happy/positive.

0767castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 0773castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 0777castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography

5) If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does. Trent always laughs at me when I do my happy dance. Anytime I get really happy about something I do a little quick stomping/stepping in excitement. I like when trent plays with our pets, he always gets right down on the ground and rough houses with them like he is a dog/cat (depending on which pet he is playing with) and they absolutely love it. It’s pretty adorable.

0832castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 0858castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography

6) Besides getting married – what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day? Seeing eachother for the first time in our dress/tux.

1042castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 0979castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography

7) What’s your favorite trend for weddings right now? My favorite is the sand ceremony idea, I think that’s so neat.

1367castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 1373castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography1376castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography

8) What inspired your décor or theme? The flowers was the main thing, we chose sun set roses (orange roses with pink/red tips) because one they are my favorite rose, and two because trent always gets them for me because they remind him of my eyes. I have orange specs in my eye color.

1528castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 1540castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 1559castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography 1608castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography  1612castillo.wedding-minneapolis-wedding-photography

9) What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning? The seating arrangement was pretty set in stone, we submitted our seating chart and found out we had to rework the layout to fit in the ballroom better.

Vendor List:

Photography | Benjamin Keller Photography 

Ceremony Location | Gale Mansion – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reception Location | Gale Mansion – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dress Designer | Vera Wang

Hair Salon | Parlour Hair Salon – Andover, Minnesota

Chad & Angela Slideshow – Minneapolis Wedding Photographer 8-2-14

September 08, 2014


Click here to view the slideshow »

Laura + Brett = Engaged

July 08, 2013

What a perfect american couple. They met while he was up north at his friends cabin and she was the bartender at local bar. She was used to guys trying to pick her up but Brett said the right words. Two years later they are engaged and planning their October wedding. For more information on Minneapolis Wedding Photography please contact www.bkphotosite.com or 763-528-1432